Meet our Medahuman, Michelle

What is your biggest accomplishment in your career?
Starting up my own design studio and now being five years into it and experiencing how it’s developed and keeps changing. It’s also given me the opportunity to work on brands I love and collaborate with some fantastic clients and other creatives.

How do you set your goals?
In my work life I tend to be very structured and set goals and review them every quarter. Then at the end of the year I reflect on what’s happened and set some big goals I’d like to work towards for the following year. I find I sometimes forget to celebrate the little wins so this really helps.

When it comes to my personal life I’m more relaxed and have to be realistic with how much time I have — although I still like to keep busy! I’m learning Japanese at the moment but I’m keeping my approach to it fun. 

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
‘Worrying is like a rocking horse, it gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere’. I try to remember this and act on it when I overthink things. 

Where do you draw your inspiration?
Everywhere and anywhere. Sometimes I find going for a run or going bouldering really helps me to feel refreshed and inspired. I’m also a bit of a hobby addict (wood carving, gardening, drawing) and always have something on the go. Another favourite of mine is a good second hand bookshop or antique market — you can end up finding so many inspiring and unusual things.

How important is nutrition?
Nutrition is really important to me, especially with being active. If I’m not looking after myself and stray from my usual balanced diet it negatively affects my mood. 

Tell us about your experience integrating MEDA into your daily routine.
I’ve been taking a daily dose of MEDA’s Recover drink and I’ve found having it after a run or climb is best or later on in the afternoon.

What does being a Medahuman mean to you?
Finding a calmer and more focused approach to my daily routine.

What would be your ultimate achievement? How are you going to get there?
Getting a better work life balance and being able to travel more. I’d really love to be able to run a studio that has a four day working week so that everyone can benefit.