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Welcome to MEDAHUMAN.

At MEDAHUMAN, our mission is simple: to empower individuals on their journey to personal wellness.

Experience the ultimate synergy of science and nature with our delicious range of targeted wellness drinks that promise to deliver on flavour and function. We’ve harnessed the power of carefully selected ingredients, including nootropics, adaptogens, and essential nutrients to create our range of still and sparking drinks to give you energy and focus, relieve stress, nourish your skin from within, help you recover from physical exertion and even help you sleep.

Discover our range of holistic wellness drinks, embrace the versatility and unlock your true potential. From AM to PM, we’ve got a drink that listens to the demands of busy life, helps you regain balance and leaves you feeling better than your best.

Tailored functional blends
Natural ingredients
Five delicious flavours to take you from AM to PM
+ No Nasties
+ Low Calorie
+ Low Sugar
+ Blended in the UK

ENERGY – A Cranberry and Lime sparkling drink with Ginseng, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Natural Caffeine to help you focus and relieve symptoms of fatigue. 

RECOVER – A Ginger and Blood Orange sparkling drink with turmeric, Piperine, Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D3 to help reduce inflammation and fatigue and offer immune support.

GLOW – A Lime and Elderflower sparkling drink with Aloe Vera, Olive Leaf Extract, Vitamin C and biotin to help nourish and strengthen your skin. 

RELAX – A Chamomile and Black Tea still drink with Magnesium, Lemon Balm, Ashwagandha, L-Theanine and Vitamin D3 to help you ease symptoms of anxiety and de-stress.

NIGHT – A Sour Cherry and Hibiscus still drink with Magnesium, Valerian Root Extract and Vitamin D3 to help you sleep and find a more rested you.

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Ready to feel like the very best version of you? A new year offers the perfect chance to
make positive changes, and there’s no better time to start focusing on your personal health
and wellbeing. If you are unsure on where to begin or wondering what to prioritise, read on
below for our in-house nutritionists easy to start health swaps to improve your health

It might be a little more time consuming, but cooking from scratch can help you to avoid
added preservatives, sugars, salts, fats and unnecessary flavourings. To save time, consider
batch cooking a few of the things you normally end up buying on the go – make a
homemade pesto, curry sauce or bottles of dressing to keep in the fridge.

Fibre is the buzz word in the health industry and plays a role in everything from gut health
to weight management and cardiovascular health. Getting in your RDI (30g per day) of fibre
doesn’t have to be a huge fibrous effort! There are some simple swaps you can make in your
day to day eating regime to boost that fibre intake:

Going plant-based for one day or three meals a week can benefit your body, environment
and purse! Consuming less animal produce, especially less red meat, and instead focusing
on plant based sources such as beans, lentils and chickpeas can contribute to improved
heart health, reduced onset of type 2 diabetes and help you maintain a healthy weight. And
when it comes to the environment, reducing meat consumption by just one serving of a
week can help to reduce the emissions of driving 358 miles in a car according to


If you notice that your morning cup of joe gives you the jitters or triggers mood changes,
consider choosing green tea instead. Green tea is a great source of antioxidants and has
naturally lower levels of caffeine than coffee. Plus green tea can be a great choice for those
who suffer with anxiety, thanks to the fact that it contains the amino acid L-theanine, which
supports the production of our anti-anxiety neurotransmitter GABA. Not a fan of the pure
stuff? Try swapping out your latte for a matcha latte, which has more caffeine than green
tea but comes with boundless amounts of antioxidants!

Been snacking on those celebrations over Christmas? Or is Terrys chocolate orange your
favourite go to? Well now that the festive season has passed us, consider swapping out your
chocolate cravings for dark chocolate. 70% plus dark chocolate usually contains a lot less
sugar and also comes with a side of magnesium – a mineral involved in over 300 different
processes in the body, including relaxation! Plus, dark chocolate contains polyphenols –
plant compounds that can support good gut health. Always pick 70% or plus and check the
added sugars on the back of the ingredient list.

The festive season is often a time when our alcohol consumption can skyrocket, which is
why many people decide to follow Dry January in the new year. And now more than ever
the options are deliciously endless! But if you are one of those people who struggles with
the idea of not having a drink at the end of a long week, consider trying MEDAHUMAN’S
no-lo range which has a wide variety of different spritz options as well as some lower
alcohol alternatives when you do need the alcohol hit!

We’re all still trying to adjust after 18 months of working from home life – the dreamy commute from bed to the kitchen, home-cooked meals, having time for at home workouts and walks around your neighbourhood, and for some of us… even PJ working!

Whilst the transition back may be a little… painful, there are also some great benefits to getting back into office life. 

To help you get back into the working life swing of things, read on for Clarissa’s top back to office life tips.

Find simple ways to stay active at work:

Sitting at your desk for 8 hours straight can feel exhausting, and there is a reason behind this. Not moving your body for long periods of time, signals your body to enter into sleep mode – resulting in fatigue and low energy. 

Try to make time to move regularly throughout the day, as when we increase our heart rate we actually release endorphins which can boost our energy and mood. 

Take productivity breaks

When working from home, we had more flexibility to take breaks and increased options with what to do with them! At the office, you may need to shift your break activities, but that doesn’t mean the break should be forgotten. Studies have found that breaks can reduce or prevent stress and increase productivity.

After quite some time with less socializing, take this opportunity to have a 10 minute catch up with a colleague, go for a walk around your office area or make a cup of tea in the break out room.

Plan ahead with healthy snacks and meals:

Having a busy schedule can result in less-than-healthy eating choices – quick-fix solutions become the only solutions when we are short on time and no longer in close proximity to our kitchens. 

To avoid an office life that is filled with picking up fast food and relying on office snacks, plan ahead and perhaps consider meal prepping! 

Incorporate mindful practices throughout the day:

Returning to the office is no doubt going to add additional stress to your day to day routine. Commuting alone can press our stress buttons! But, building up your stress resilience and relaxation practices can be a great way to face the day with ease.

Consider introducing:


That extra commute first thing might be robbing you of that extra hour of sleep you have adjusted to. And whilst at the beginning that adjustment can be hard, there are ways to optimize the sleep hours you are still getting!

Jumping straight from the never-ending restrictions to a crazy hectic social life is a bit of a shock factor for us all! Burning the candle at both ends can lead to exhaustion, lowered mood and potentially even… burnout.

Burnout is the state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion caused by a variety of different factors. Trying to juggle too much at once or not listening to how you’re really feeling – sounds familiar? If you don’t take preventative measures, you could be at risk of burning out.

To help you manage your energy and stress levels as we enter back into normality, our in-house nutritionist has shared her top tips to avoid burnout below.

So many of us avoid saying “no” to plans, it’s a people-pleasing thing. It is natural to want to please others and avoid FOMO. Whilst temporarily, this may make your friends happy and strip away your guilt, this can lead to mounting stress and pressure. Being honest with your friends when you’re not feeling up to something can be a real game-changer, and considering what you’d say to them in a similar situation. 

Planning is crucial when returning to office life. It can help to settle all sorts of anxiety and nerves. If you have control over your working week and know exactly what to expect, it won’t seem as overwhelming. Plan your route, where to have lunch and if you have any activities you want to do after work.

We all need sleep to function. And when it comes to burnout and stress levels, sleep allows our bodies to restore and reset, making us more resilient for the challenges ahead the next day.  Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night, set up a sleep routine and reduce your use of electronics close to bedtime.

If you struggle with sleep try lighting some candles, consider a magnesium supplement, try out some essential oils and sip on MEDA Human’s Sleep to get you in the sleep zone. If you have a lot on your mind, try journaling and popping down your thoughts on paper.

Take your time. You may feel under pressure to snap right back into reality as soon as restrictions are lifted, but try to be gentle on yourself and take each day as it comes. Keep a close eye on your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, giving yourself enough time to recharge from work stress. You can build yourself back up over time at a pace that feels comfortable and safe for you. 

Try to identify what helps you to take a step back and relax. For example: reading, cooking, taking a bath or listening to music. Many people find exercise helps them to relax. Consider introducing activities such as yoga or meditation to help wind down and switch off after a busy day. A great tool that is entirely free is breathing. Taking time to breathe and controlling your breath has also been shown to physically calm the body, which can help us to feel less stressed. 

Overall, think about what you want to keep from your lockdown life and what you want to go back to. Try to avoid the temptation to go straight back into old ways, designing a new hybrid life by taking the best of the old ways and new ways to create the perfect balance.

Although peer pressure is usually associated with teens, people of all ages can feel pressured in social situations. A common thread with all social gatherings is alcohol consumption, although one in four people are trying to reduce their drinking, and nearly half of the world’s adult population reports not consuming alcohol at all (1). Times are changing, and not drinking is a real thing.

Make a decision to go alcohol free
Decide before you head out to a party: are you going to drink or not? There is a lot of freedom in making a firm decision and knowing you’re going to stick to it. Don’t be persuaded or peer pressured into drinking, as you can have as much fun without the booze!

Stay positive
Remember that alcohol isn’t the secret to having a good time. When you enter a social situation and believe you cant have fun sober, you’ll isolate yourself and hold back on letting go. Make sober fun possible. Prove to yourself and others that having a good time doesn’t have to include alcohol.

Take your own choice of drink
There’s nothing worse than standing empty handed whilst everyone around you is downing the booze. MEDA’s delicious alcohol free mixers or non-alcoholic alternatives are great tasting and a savvy choice of drink to replace that alcoholic beverage. 

Prepare a response
It will surprise you how many people won’t notice you’re not drinking, but it’s worth thinking about what you’ll say if someone is being nosey. Once they see you slurping on something that looks as good as the MEDA range, they’ll be sure to want a sip of it too!

Prioritise your health
MEDA’s drinks are a fabulous alternative to sugar-loaded mixers and alcoholic beverages. When not drinking alcohol, MEDA’s drinks are a great choice to implement a dose of wellness into your decision. MEDA’s selection also comes with added health benefits which will leave you feeling energised and fresh the next morning, as all are 100% natural, vegan, gluten free and low calorie. 

Leave when you want
Head home when you feel ready to. Don’t feel like you have to stay until the end. And if people are drunk, they may not even notice! Plan your escape route beforehand, and enjoy being in control of your own decision.  

Hangover free
Make the most of being hangover free by doing something enjoyable or productive. Having more productive time and energy will motivate you to not drink more often.

Overall, appreciate the moment as it’s an event you’ll remember! (1)

Humans are creatures of habit. When our habitats and habits are distrurbed, we can feel anxious, stressed and unhappy. After adjusting to a year of lockdowns and working from home, it is no wonder that now, many are feeling nervous and apprehensive as lockdown restrictions ease.  Keep reading for our resident Nutritionist Clarissa Lenherr’s tips on how to adjust to change at a pace that’s right for you…

Commuting to work, socialising more, upping our exercise and general daily activities will have a bigger impact on our energy levels than we might think. This may leave us feeling more tired at the end of the day and less able to “keep-up” than before. To boost your energy, make sure you eat well balanced meals at every opportunity, stick to moderate alcohol intake and optimise your sleep – avoid caffeine in the second half of the day and try to keep a bedtime routine.

At your own pace
Everyone’s pace will differ. Don’t let others pressure you into doing social activities you do not want to do. Over the past year, our brains, bodys and routines have adapted to this new way of living. Everyone has experienced the pandemic differently, with many finding new ways to enjoy life within the circumstances. For others, they have adapted to a quieter way of living, which now brings a feeling of uncertainty as everything starts speeding up again. Learn to use the power of saying no, limit social engagements to a couple of times per week and feel comfortable choosing to do the things you love, not what others expect you to do.

Lockdown significantly changed our routines. No more commuting to the office, buying lunch at your favourite spot, popping into the shops or heading to the gym after work. This can leave people feeling out of funk, potentially skipping meals, having inconsistent workout routines and changeable sleep cycles. With the return to the office, now is the time to perfect and refresh your morning routine. 

Try waking up at the same time daily to regulate your body clock and get back into a routine. Making time for a nourishing breakfast before work to set you up for the day ahead is also a good place to start. A morning workout or even a gentle walk will give you a boost of fresh air to keep your brain in check whilst keeping your body active. 

Healthy choices
Lockdown has either turned you into a masterchef or a takeaway fiend. Whichever it is, our diet and eating habits have changed over the past year. With coming out of lockdown and restaurants reopening, it is important to ensure you are eating enough protein, fruit and veggies throughout the day to keep you energised. Eating enough protein will leave you feeling fuller whilst helping to reduce cravings and mindless snacking. Trying to include one protein source with every meal is a good place to start.  Want to keep up the healthy eating when back in the office? Batch cook and take in healthy lunch options with you.

Mental health
Coming out of lockdown is a huge change when we have already adapted to so many other changes over the past year. Many of us have had to find a whole new routine, so changing this up once again can be daunting. 

It’s okay to take a break from the news as it can be overwhelming. Keeping in touch with family and friends will help manage stress and distract from other habits such as drinking. Remember everyone if different and do what feels most comfortable for you and your body. 

It’s that time of year when those beautiful, foil-covered choccies wink at you from the supermarket aisle, and when the scent of cinnamon-covered hot cross buns can sometimes be just too much to resist. It’s been a tough year, and with the end of lockdown in sight and the promise of warmer, sunnier times ahead, you may feel like a little well-deserved celebration. Here are some ways you can stay healthy over Easter – whilst enjoying a few lockdown treats.

Start the day with a healthy breakfast
Instead of reaching for a regular hot cross bun, choose a wholemeal version instead. Try some healthy pancake recipes, ones which use bananas instead of flour, and top with natural sugars such as coconut sugar, maple syrup or fruit — raspberries, pomegranates and blueberries are full of antioxidants.

Instead of Easter eggs try the real variety instead. These include vitamins A, B-12 and selenium, ingredients which are good for your immune system. A protein-packed egg can help you feel fuller for longer, meaning you might not need to reach for the naughtier version!

Get active
Start your day with some big breaths, a dose of meditation or a fun Easter walk with the family. Join an online exercise class one, or if the weather permits, go for a long cycle ride. Spring cleaning the house is also a great way to burn off a few calories.

Take it easy
Enjoy every mouthful and eat slowly and mindfully. Don’t overload your plate, and take breaks during the meal. This kick-starts your digestion and can trick your brain into thinking you’re full. If you’re hungry between meals, reach for healthier options such as fruit, nuts, popcorn or dark chocolate.

Enjoy some chocolate
You read that right. The right kind of chocolate can be good for you. It’s full of antioxidants, and flavanols which can reduce inflammation and cardiovascular disease. It is also high in magnesium, iron, copper and manganese. Just make sure you’re grazing in moderation and that you pick a dark chocolate with a 70% or higher cocoa content.

Satisfy your sweet tooth
If you’re going to tuck into sweets, look for natural ones which are low in sugar and contain real fruit juice. You could try dark chocolate-covered almonds, a natural fruit sorbet or maple-roasted bananas.

Make the healthier choice
Swap the roasted potatoes for roasted carrots, and instead of lamb, go for turkey which is leaner and lower in calories. Oven-baked salmon is a great way to get omega-3 essential fatty acids and it can both lower your blood pressure and reduce inflammation. Remember to eat plenty of delicious, vitamin-loaded seasonal spring vegetables. For Easter pudding, bake a carrot cake instead of a chocolate-loaded one.

Remember to hydrate, especially if drinking alcohol. Think about using low-calorie mixer tonics instead of sweet, carbonated drinks such as the MEDA NO-LO range. If you’re going to drink juice, water it down so you’re reducing your sugar intake.

Don’t feel guilty!
Enjoy your Easter time. It’s been a hard year, and we all deserve a treat now and then.

Mother’s Day may look different this year —  that doesn’t mean it has to be any less special. This Mother’s Day, use a bit of creativity of pre-planning to make this year’s celebration one of the most special yet! Our in-house nutritionist Clarissa shares her top treats below:

Book an Online Class to Share 
There are endless lists of online classes we can join these days: cooking masterclasses, floristry lessons, terrarium making, exercise classes, meditation sessions, life drawing and even clairvoyance one to ones!

Some great places to look are:

·      Eventbrite

·      Designmynight

·      Skillshare

Send a Cocktail Set 
There is something about a cocktail and the extra oomph it adds to the end of a week or a meal. So, this Mother’s Day, why not send your mum a curated cocktail set or make your own for her to try out? And even better, you can both jump on zoom/facetime, follow a recipe together and toast over the camera. Why not try our MEDA No-Lo variety box paired with her favourite spirit or bubbles for a delicious and nutritious drinks idea?

Make a Video 
Everyone can be a filmmaker these days with the latest smart phone in their hands. Make your mum a video telling her about your favourite memories, why you love her, what message you want to tell her today. If that isn’t your thing – make a photo montage of some of your favourite moments.

Send Something Homemade  
Have you got creative in the kitchen or mastered a new skill during these several lockdowns? Take that and make something special for your mum. If baking is your thing make a decadent cake or batch of cookies you can deliver or pop in the post. Jams, chutneys, breads and flavoured oils can be a lovely gift too. If you prefer crafts you could consider making homemade candles, photo books or even a painting/ drawing.

At Home Spa Kit
While treatments and spas are shut at the moment, that doesn’t mean we can’t pamper ourselves at home. Make your mum an at home spa kit filled with some of the below:

·      Epsom salts for a warm bath

·      Essential oils – we like Neal’s Yard

·      Face, hand and body creams with her favourite scent

·      A crystal rose quartz or jade face roller

·      Candles or diffusers

·      Bath bomb

Gift a Voucher
 A voucher can be something to look forward to. Some of our favourites: 

* Massage vouchers

• A meal at a favourite restaurant

• Tickets to a concert, play, or special event.

Subscribe her to a Favourite
The gift that keeps on giving all year:  That favourite magazine, newspaper of choice, streaming service such as Netflix or Spotify, a monthly foodie delivery such as cheeses or wines, flowers by post or a  MEDA variety box.

With spring around the corner, we can get the itch to start decluttering and sorting out the loose ends in our lives.

Almost all of us have too much stuff – unwanted gifts, magazines, never to read books, clothes we’ve never worn. And that is just the physical stuff! Clearing out the unnecessary distractions and saying yes to everything can also overfill the cup.

Read on for some spring-cleaning ideas to declutter and feel on top of your game!
In true Marie Kondo style, a clean out of your closet can do wonders for the mind and home. Here are some top tips to help you choose what to keep and what to give away: 

1.     Look at each piece of clothing and ask yourself, when was the last time I wore that? Does it bring me joy? If you haven’t worn it in a year and it is not a sentimental piece, it might be worth moving it on.

2.     Find homes for each group of items – socks in one place, jumpers in another.

3.     Consider organising your closet into seasons or colours and rotate them as the weather changes.

4.     Always return an item after washing to its home. It can be tempting to just pop things anywhere but we all know that’s where the mess can happen.

Declutter the home
Go through your bathrooms, living room and kitchen. Find things you have never used; unwanted gifts, things that are broken or unused for six months, and pop them in a pile to find a new home.

In the kitchen – go through your cupboards and throw out any expired cans/spices/grains and plan to use up those expiring soon. For your freezer, check the use by dates and if you have had something in their longer than 6 months, consider getting rid of it or use it soon!

For things such as cosmetics and self-care products, check their expiry dates. A good rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t keep them for more than 6 months. And don’t forget medications, these have strict expiry dates that should be stuck too, so throw out that old bottle of cough medicine from 1999!

Digital detox
What’s clogging up your digital space? Overcrowded desktop screens, unused apps, cloud folders filled with random documents? Schedule some time for each device and do a clean-up:

·      Laptop: clean-up your desktop from screenshots, organise folders, upgrade your software and organise photos.

·      Phone: delete apps you don’t use regularly or don’t need, organise the apps on your home screen and create app folders, adjust your notification settings on your phone and store photos and videos in a cloud folder.

·      Inbox:  unsubscribe to newsletters that you never open, delete or archive old emails that you don’t read, empty your spam and trash, set up a folder system to categorise emails and a reply soon folder is always helpful.

Sort out the diet  
Noticed one too many chocolates creeping into the diet? Got into a bad habit of eating the same meals — day in, day out? Relying too much on fast food or convenience options? Can’t remember the last time you tried a new recipe? If so, consider making these changes: 

·      Stick to sweet things once a day and only one portion.

·      Keep your caffeine under 400mg per day (5 espresso shots/ 7 cups of tea).

·      Check in on your alcohol intake and keep it under 14 units per week.

·      Include more colour on your plate

·      Commit time on a Sunday to batch cooking some new recipes,

·      Aim to have one meal per day made from scratch.

·      Try a new vegetable or one you haven’t had in 6 months.

Date night – remember those? Long gone are the days when we could differentiate a weeknight from a romantic one by reserving a table at one of our favourite romantic restaurants. If you’re lucky enough to be coupled up this Valentine’s Day, check out some of our favourite ways to spruce up date night while staying at home.

Home-made cocktail mixology 
Whether you prefer your drink shaken or stirred, cocktail making can be a fun way to mix things up. Try out some of our favourite cocktail recipes here or our Medatini served over ice.

‘Come Dine With Me’ style
Fed-up of ordering in? Date night doesn’t need to be your local Thai. Take matters in to your own hands and get cheffy preparing a gourmet meal together. Allocate courses and surprise each other with your skills….

Get dressed-up 
Leggings, joggers and cosy jumpers. For many this has been our staple lockdown wear but as the occasional calls for it — get dressed up! Pull out your new purchase, waiting for its summer 2021 debut, gel your hair or slather on the lipstick. Dressing up can not only make the occasion feel more special, it can boost your confidence too.

Love-themed baking  
Try your hand at baking this Valentine’s Day and better yet make it chocolatey. Chocolate has been shown to stimulate areas of the brain associated with pleasure, the same area that is stimulated when we are aroused.

Some of our favourite recipes include:

·      Hidden Heart Cake

·      Red Velvet Cookies

·      Chocolate puddings

 Take an online class 
Looking for something a little less “just the two of us” or something out of the box? Try an online class. With everything from cooking and cocktail making to life drawing and Valentine wreath making, we’ve listed a few of our favourites: 

·      Life drawing

·      General Valentine’s Day events

·      Valentine Wreath Making

·      Wine Tasting

Board games can be sexy! 
Monopoly might not get you in the mood but that doesn’t mean a roll of the dice can’t be spicy. Turn the lights down low, get comfy and play some of these adult boardgames:

·      The Hygge Game

·      Monogamy

·      Nooki

·      Our Moments Couple Edition

Make a home spa
Nothing beats a lover’s massage! Invest in some massage oils, candles and source a spa playlist to set the scene. Need the skills? Do some YouTube watching to learn how to get into the right nooks and crannies.

Our favourite massage oil is Sweet Lullaby by Lola’s Apothecary – 

The after party  
Valentines deserves something a little more exciting. Instead of Netflix and chill, take this opportunity to switch things up! Invest in some candles, dim the lights, set up a sexy Spotify playlist, buy some new lingerie or invest in some adult toys.