How to introduce CBD into your daily routine

It’s a fact: more than 6 million people have used cannabidiols, or CBD, in the UK 1. A compound which is extracted from the hemp plant — CBD is a non-addictive and non-psychoactive substance which is commonly used for therapeutic purposes. Simply put you’re not going to get high off CBD.

Across the pond CBD is considered a superfood but for many people here in the UK there are many question marks about its usage and how it should be administered. Incorporating this naturally occurring compound into your daily life can be a daunting prospect however it’s easier than you think.

Starting your day with CBD
If you love your morning latte but you’re not so keen on the post-caffeine jitters CBD can help with that. Caffeine in coffee can cause irritability, headaches, restlessness, sweating and anxiety. Adding CBD to your coffee can support the body as it comes off its caffeine high. Oh, and it works with tea as well.

For an attention boosting start to the day, try out MEDA Focus which contains liposomal CBD with espresso and rosemary.

Post Workout CBD
After a long day at the desk, hitting the gym or going for a run is a great way to de-stress. While regular exercise is great for our health, it can also cause pain, stiffness and inflammation. Research shows that CBD may inhibit the release of stress hormones, so adding a topical cream can provide soothing relief before or after your workout. 

For joint and muscle support, try Medterra’s Rapid Cooling Cream, a combination of CBD infused with menthol and arnica.

Cheers to CBD
There are still question marks as to how CBD and alcohol interact but we know both of these ingredients help us to relax. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD could be beneficial, and studies have shown that CBD can protect against alcohol-generated stress in the liver. But take it easy: we do know that the effects of both can be cumulative, so the more alcohol you drink, the stronger the side effects, and the same can be said of CBD dosing. 

Sleep and CBD
It’s easy to feel a little stressed and overwhelmed at the end of the day. We’re told to wind down before bed with a routine that includes powering down the lights, the telly and phone. While deep breathing and meditation can help with your shuteye, you could also consider incorporating CBD into your evening routine.

Studies suggest that CBD triggers a better dream (REM) sleep, helping the body to repair and strengthen. It doesn’t depress the body’s central nervous system like sleep tablets or alcohol can, and it can be helpful in managing anxiety. Evidence shows CBD builds up in the system over time, so it may take two to three weeks of daily use for the effects to kick-in.

Sleeping beauties should try MEDA’s Sleep which contains CBD and zzz-promoting herbs such as valerian root extract and chamomile.

Centre for Medical Cannibis (CMC)