The Social Pressure Of Drinking

Although peer pressure is usually associated with teens, people of all ages can feel pressured in social situations. A common thread with all social gatherings is alcohol consumption, although one in four people are trying to reduce their drinking, and nearly half of the world’s adult population reports not consuming alcohol at all (1). Times are changing, and not drinking is a real thing.

Make a decision to go alcohol free
Decide before you head out to a party: are you going to drink or not? There is a lot of freedom in making a firm decision and knowing you’re going to stick to it. Don’t be persuaded or peer pressured into drinking, as you can have as much fun without the booze!

Stay positive
Remember that alcohol isn’t the secret to having a good time. When you enter a social situation and believe you cant have fun sober, you’ll isolate yourself and hold back on letting go. Make sober fun possible. Prove to yourself and others that having a good time doesn’t have to include alcohol.

Take your own choice of drink
There’s nothing worse than standing empty handed whilst everyone around you is downing the booze. MEDA’s delicious alcohol free mixers or non-alcoholic alternatives are great tasting and a savvy choice of drink to replace that alcoholic beverage. 

Prepare a response
It will surprise you how many people won’t notice you’re not drinking, but it’s worth thinking about what you’ll say if someone is being nosey. Once they see you slurping on something that looks as good as the MEDA range, they’ll be sure to want a sip of it too!

Prioritise your health
MEDA’s drinks are a fabulous alternative to sugar-loaded mixers and alcoholic beverages. When not drinking alcohol, MEDA’s drinks are a great choice to implement a dose of wellness into your decision. MEDA’s selection also comes with added health benefits which will leave you feeling energised and fresh the next morning, as all are 100% natural, vegan, gluten free and low calorie. 

Leave when you want
Head home when you feel ready to. Don’t feel like you have to stay until the end. And if people are drunk, they may not even notice! Plan your escape route beforehand, and enjoy being in control of your own decision.  

Hangover free
Make the most of being hangover free by doing something enjoyable or productive. Having more productive time and energy will motivate you to not drink more often.

Overall, appreciate the moment as it’s an event you’ll remember! (1)