Secrets to staying healthy during festival season

Festival season is officially upon us. Whether you prefer the rural intimacy of a farm festival, sun, sand and sea foreign adventure or the jungle that is Glastonbury, for many people, festival season means three, or more, day weekends of extensive boozing, late nights that bleed into early mornings, extreme temperatures (there’s a reason us Brits bring our wellies to a festival!) sporadic eating and questionable food choices.  

Having fun is the #1 goal while at festivals but  you’re not going to have any fun if you’re not taking care of yourself. So to have the best time possible, and reduce the intensity of that post-festival recovery, pay attention to these health hacks that are super easy to follow.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Whatever you do, drink loads of water. The combo of alcohol, heat and being on your feet can ruin your day and your dance. Instead of reaching for another g&t, ensure you get your water in. Carry a reusable water bottle with you to ensure you don’t have to navigate the bar queue every 10 minutes, and reach for a coconut water to replace any electrolytes you may have lost sweating out to the beat.

Breakfast Goals 

We already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it is especially true when you go to a festival. It may be tempting to skip brekkie all together and to just see where the day takes you, but chances are, you’ll end up famished in the heat and be more likely to reach for those cheesy chips. Breakfast can often be an easy thing to bring with you in the form of healthy oat bar or fresh fruit and a handful of raw nuts. 

Eat Well Throughout the Day

After you’ve waded through the mud/sand/grass/crowds and set up your tent (VIP tent guests, we envy you) scope out the food offerings. Making sure you know where the closest eateries can help you make sure you know where to go when the hunger pangs kick in. Often there will be one or two healthy eateries (with a queue around the block) but otherwise don’t feel scared to ask the pop up burger bar for a bunless burger with extra salad, or a falafel pitta with extra veggies. 


If you can BYO alcohol, get food savvy too — pack a bag of healthy go-to’s such as avocados, raw nuts and seeds, fruit, and some oat cakes—you’ll be able to better control the nutritional quality of your festival intake. 

Kip it Out

Listen, we totally understand if you want to keep the party going. But if you want to fully enjoy the next day of festivities, we recommend you get a good amount of shut eye beforehand. If you can’t manage to get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep before your favourite band hits the stage, power nap. Find a couple of hours where you don’t mind skipping the vibe, and hit the hay. Also, come prepared. Eye masks, ear plugs and sleep spray will mean those few hours you can designate to sleep can be properly utilised. 

Finally, and just as importantly, remember that you’re at a festival for the experience. And often part of that experience is devouring a greasy burger at 4am or a cone of cheesy chips – or both – in one hit. With a few healthy hacks and a good routine back home, you can enjoy the highs and….highs of any festival!