AH February…the month of love. Whether you celebrate Valentines, Galentines or avoid the day entirely, you may still be interested to know that the foods you consume can have a significant impact on your love life and help to spice up your libido. 

Having and maintaining a healthy sex drive is associated with feeling emotionally and physically healthy in yourself, so the foods we chose to indulge in, definitely have a role to play. And what a month to try out some new, nutrient dense, libido-boosting foods – get shopping!


Packed with omega-3’s, which help to prevent the build-up of plaque within arteries, promoting healthy blood flow throughout the body. Ensuring your circulatory system is working smoothly may help to reduce the risk of any diseases that impair sexual function. Omega-3 also gives you a good boost of dopamine, one of the brain’s pleasure chemicals that may improve sex drive. (1)(2)


Super rich in antioxidants, numerous vitamins, and dietary nitrates, beetroots are a great place to start when it comes to boosting your sex life. Dietary nitrates help to expand blood vessels, improving blood flow. 

Some studies have shown that just one portion of beetroot juice, or several beetroots over a few days, could help to improve performance at intermittent, high-intensity exercise. (3) These mechanisms could potentially help to improve blood flow and stamina during sex, whilst getting the heart-healthy benefits of beetroots too!


Not the sexiest vegetable in the world, but celery has a certain aroma that contains two steroids called androsterone and androstenol. When we consume celery, the subtle pheromone of these two chemicals makes its way to our sweat glands, working to attract the opposite sex. (4) 

Celery can be bland alone, but try adding it to your crudite platter, or pairing it with peanut butter- trust us, it works. 


Rich in vitamin A and C, asparagus can help promote the growth of healthy skin and hair. (5) (6) When you look good, you feel good, which gives you the confidence you need in the bedroom. Asparagus also packs in potassium and essential B vitamins, giving the body a histamine boost which may help to promote stronger orgasms. (7) 


Make sure you have the mints on hand, but garlic is packed with allicin, a compound that improves blood flow (8). This makes everything extra sensitive to touch, also triggering blood circulation which can result in an increase of endurance and stamina in the bedroom. 


Dark chocolate is filled with antioxidants (opt for 70%+ varieties) and these may help to release the same feel-good chemicals as those released during sex (9). This feel-good sensation may help to build up desire with your other half. Treat your partner to some extra dark chocolate this valentine’s day to get them in the mood. 


A great source of magnesium which helps to support  testosterone levels and regular blood pressure. (10) They are also jam-packed with plant-based protein so don’t be afraid to add them into both sweet and savoury meals. Sprinkle your chocolate covered strawberries with hemp seeds for a sexy snack.

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