Drink smarter with
CBD + Nootropics
+ Adaptogens
+ Nutrients

Ideal as mixers or non-alcoholic alternatives that are great tasting AND smart.

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MEDA = 100% Natural + Vegan + Gluten Free + Low Calorie + Made in UK

with 10mg CBD
+ 50% lower in sugar
+ 50% lower in calories

Our take on the classic Espresso Martini that we all know and love — your smarter alternative. Pre-mixed with premium vodka, simply shake with one cube of ice for a perfect pour every time.

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Host your own
cocktail tasting with our

Mixology Experience

Try all four MEDA CBD mixers with premium alcohol pairings and garnishes. Each cocktail contains 20mg CBD.

Discover your favourites


Lavender + Chamomile flavoured sparkling mixer/drink

with 15mg CBD
+ L-Theanine
+ Ashwagandha
+ Lemon Balm
+ Lavender Oil
+ B Vitamin Blend

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Orange + Pineapple flavoured sparkling mixer/drink

with 15mg CBD
+ Turmeric
+ Ginger
+ Piperine
+ Vitamin C

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Elderflower + Lime flavoured sparkling mixer/drink

with 15mg CBD
+ Biotin
+ Olive Leaf
+ Aloe Vera
+ Vitamin C

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Cranberry + Lime flavoured sparkling mixer/drink

with 15mg CBD
+ Vitamin C
+ Echinacea
+ Zinc
+ Aronia Berry

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Does CBD affect our bodies response to Alcohol?

A new study by Professor Saoirse O’Sullivan

MEDA has commissioned an important new study which asks the question: does CBD affect our bodies response to alcohol? To investigate what risks or benefits there might be from the combined use of CBD and alcohol, Professor Saoirse O’Sullivan has examined the published literature for interactions between these two compounds.

Are you of legal drinking age?

Yes, I am 18 or over