Meet our Medahuman, Luke

What is your biggest accomplishment in your career?
Leading the creation of a new team and centralised Programme Management Office function in an organisation that was forming — embedding meaningful oversight and change.

How do you set your goals?
For short term goals I like to set realistic targets as I am mindful of the negative impacts of over committing oneself. However, saying that, I do try to keep a list of weekly actions and within this reprioritise frequently to make sure I am on top of things and focused on the key areas. 

For longer term goals I think it’s important to be focused on outcomes rather than specifics. I believe it to be important to embrace change and let it help shape outcomes rather than fight against it.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
Have the courage to live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect of you.

Where do you draw your inspiration?
A mixture of spending time with people I love and admire and pushing myself out of my comfort zone to broaden my horizons and solo travelling.

How important is nutrition?
I like to lead a healthy, active, lifestyle. I place nutrition on the same level as exercise and maintaining mental wellbeing 

Tell us about your experience integrating MEDA into your daily routine.
Taking MEDA’s Sleep drink in the evening has helped me wind down. I’ve struggled for years with a tendency to wake-up and overthink which can really impede quality sleep. I have noticed a calmer sense before bedtime and my sleep has been deeper and less interrupted.

What does being a Medahuman mean to you?
Being more cognisant of the mind-body connection.

What would be your ultimate achievement? How are you going to get there?
Good question. I guess my ultimate achievement would be to remain true —  to have created or to be part of a thing that has had a positive impact for others. To know that I grasped life in its fullness and enjoyed it from a focus on people, places and experiences. 

I’ll get there by continuing to challenge myself and not being afraid to take risks. Taking a more creative approach at work and in life in general and to seek out and create opportunities that are rewarding while remaining grateful and appreciative.