MEDA Meditative Moment

The pacifist, philosopher and prodigious author, Aldous Huxley said, “there’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.”

The global pandemic has been brutal. Despite being invisible to the naked eye, the pervasive, mutating virus has led to bereavement, isolation, financial loss, and, within its wide collection of symptoms, delirium and exhaustion. To navigate this unsettling period, it has become more important than ever to live life with a calm and kindly disposition while helping others to stay happy, healthy and strong.

However, being supportive to others is an attribute best practised when coming from a strong inner foundation. Taking a moment to relax away from worldly distractions allows the brain the chance it craves to recuperate. In a settled state, focus improves while you are giving yourself permission to find, perhaps in a long time, your own voice once again. And having a better understanding and relationship with yourself will help you have a more generous relationship with others.

Rather than the potentially numbing ‘Soma’ mandatorily prescribed to Huxley’s characters in ‘Brave New World’; allow yourself a MEDA moment on a regular basis while savouring sips of MEDA’s Calm premium CBD drink. Ingredients include lemon balm, lavender essential oil and chamomile to help reduce stress and restlessness while boosting mood.

As part of your MEDA meditation, consider forgiving yourself if you have not achieved brilliant fiscal highs during the agonising past months, or not always been the model parent. indeed cast aside the largely useless guilt you might have amassed in putting on a few pounds of weight which will soon fall off when the race of daily life returns to full speed ahead.

A calibrated, MEDA functional drink at a dedicated moment (aside from the tinnitus of a much-broadcasted world which itself needs need to heal) can bring inner peace which ultimately becomes highly coveted outer peace.

Douglas Blyde, Consultant to MEDA

Douglas Blyde writes for the London Evening Standard magazine and Annabel’s Club and is the author of annual restaurant guide, Wine List Confidential for Drinks Business.

Memorable experiences on his journey of tastes have included dining in, then ultimately legitimately escaping from the albeit dry restaurant at high-security prison, HMP Highdown, shooting, being blooded by, then eating grouse for lunch on the Glorious Twelfth of August in the Highlands, malt in hand, as well as odysseys to meet producers in South Africa, Lebanon, Thailand and China.

Douglas hosted the 50 Best Bars awards for William Reed and is a drinks consultant to both aristocrats and business leaders.

He has been realised as a cocktail, the ‘Jekyll & Blyde’ which originated at Fortnum & Mason’s 45 Jermyn Street restaurant and is now served at Fortnum’s 101 in Hong Kong.