How to get your recommended daily intake of key nutrients from long life foods

Don’t have an allotment in your back garden, or a much-coveted supermarket delivery slot? There’s no need to get into a pickle, as it’s easy to get your recommended daily intake of key nutrients from the humble larder. And fear not, there isn’t a tin of Spam or pungent dried egg on this lockdown list.

Missing the milk man? The good news is you can get just the right calcium fix with dairy-free substitutes for which you’ll go nutty.

Recommended Daily Intake
Adults aged 19 to 64 need 700mg

• Almond milk and almonds
• Dried figs
• Frozen dark green vegetables such as kale, broccoli and edamame
• Tinned sardines
• Long life tofu 
• Long life milk

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but did you know you get more Vitamin C from your veg? And the good news, frozen is just as nutritious as the fresh stuff.

Recommended Daily Intake
60mg for women
90mg for men

100mg looks like:
• 1.75 cup of frozen broccoli
• 4.5 cups of canned tomatoes
• 1 red pepper – frozen

It’s essential you keep your blood pumping with good doses of iron levels, particularly if you’re not eating meat and fish. As a midnight treat, you could nibble on some dark chocolate which contains 11.9mg per 100g – but please don’t go scoffing the whole bar! And be mindful, dark chocolate contains caffeine.

Recommended Daily Intake
8.7mg a day for men over 18
14.8mg a day for women aged 19 to 50
8.7mg a day for women over 50

• Red lentils
• Red kidney bean
• Pumpkin seeds
• Cashew nut butter
• Tinned palm hearts

Magnesium is a crucial mineral and it’s the first to be depleted by the body. It helps in keeping your bones strong, your heart healthy and plays an important role in over 300 processes in the body. It also provides immune support and helps with the health of our adrenal glands, home to our stress hormone, cortisol.

Recommended Daily Intake
300mg a day for men (19 to 64 years)
270mg a day for women (19 to 64 years)

• Frozen spinach
• Tamarind paste
• Black beans
• Tempeh
• Dark chocolate
• Pumpkin seeds

Our immune system loves zinc. And the good news is, oysters are not only high in this essential trace mineral; they also help get the blood flowing to your nether regions too!

Recommended Daily Intake
11mg for men
8mg for women

10mg looks like
• 11g of canned oysters – if that’s your thing…
• 250g canned crab
• 200g grams of cashews – do not eat in one go!
• 4 cups/650g of chickpeas/
• Baked beans (go for the low-sugar option)

Remember to keep your diet as varied as possible!

*The information and content of this article is provided only for informational purposes. It is not meant in any way as a substitute for the professional advice provided by your physician or any other healthcare professional.