How to choose your booze and drink smarter

We’ve heard it all before – alcohol isn’t great for us. High consumption, particularly binge drinking, has been linked to everything from bowel cancer and diabetes to fertility issues and difficulties with weight management.

That doesn’t mean that booze should be demonised, nor does it mean we should all give up for good. Alcohol can play a role in a balanced lifestyle and for some is an integral part of relaxing and socialising.
Our in-house Nutritionist, Clarissa Lenherr, shares her top tips on how to drink smarter and avoid unhappy hour!

Swap out old habits

Always head straight for the drinks when you enter a social gathering? Rely on alcohol to get the conversation flowing or for a hit of confidence? If this sounds like you, you may want to consider a implementing a habit change.  

Try swapping the alcoholic drink for an alcohol-free option, head into a social gathering with a friend by your side; or invest time into working on your social confidence. I really like implementing positive affirmations — they remind our brains of what’s good, true, and helpful.

Choose a lower alcohol option
With the rise of NO-LO drinking, some of our favourite classics have been re-vamped with less calories, sugar and alcohol, enabling you to enjoy the same beverage without the unhealthy side effects. In turn, these lower sugar and alcohol options can leave you feeling less dehydrated and groggy. And potentially help you avoid a nasty hangover. Check out MEDA’s Espresso Medatini which has 50% less sugar and calories than your standard espresso martini. 

Give yourself an excuse
If you know you are susceptible to that ‘just one more’ pressure, come prepared with an excuse. If you know (or pretend) you have a workout the following morning, an important deadline or a meeting (zoom or not!), then you have a great excuse to help you circumnavigate that ‘one for the road’ trajectory.

Avoid sugar filled beverages
While reaching for an alcohol-free option can be a great way to avoid alcohol consumption — many mocktails, mixers and fizzy drinks are packed with sugars or artificial sweeteners. And most tonics have more sugar than colas! Soda and lime is a good option however it is not the most ‘delicious’ drink on the block! Explore MEDA’s range of no-alcohol beverages, flavoured with natural herbs and a touch of the highest quality grade A maple syrup.

Drink something you enjoy
Instead of choosing a drink for the sake of it, find the drink that you genuinely like. Drink mindfully by enjoying the smell, flavour and feeling you get from drinking. This slower way of drinking gives us a chance to appreciate alcohol and drink smarter.