Cocktail and Cordials — without the hangover

Ever wondered just why you get that fuzzy head the day after one too many cocktails? Whether it is disrupted sleep and low energy or nausea and headaches, a hangover is never fun. And while alcohol is definitely partly to blame; it takes two to tango. The second half of this duo is… sugar.

When we consume large amounts of added sugars, particularly in a liquid form, we send our blood glucose and insulin levels sky high. This peak of quick energy is followed by a significant drop. And when our blood sugar levels drop, we can feel dizzy, nauseous, hungry, moody and may develop headaches. Sound familiar? 

Did you know that your standard tonic water contains nearly the same amount of added sugar as your favourite cola or lemonade! And while soda water and lime might be the healthy option, it doesn’t exactly blow the flavour water does it?

So how can we enjoy our spirit of choice without the added sugar…have you been introduced to MEDA’s CBD cordials?  While cordials tend to be a mixture of flavours and sugar syrup, MEDA’s cordials are a blend of natural herbs, spices, juices, CBD and monk fruit. By using monk fruit, a natural sugar alternative that contains no sugar or calories, these cordials are low in sugar and calories and their taste is delicious. 

There are five flavours to choose from: Elderflower and Basil, Strawberry Bitters, Blackberry Citrus, Peach, Lemongrass and Mint + Chilli Pineapple.

Here are some of my favourite ways to use MEDA’s cordials to quench your thirst:

For the No-alcohol drinkers

Mix together a handful of berries, ½ a cup of coconut water, one bottle of the blackberry citrus MEDA cordial and a splash of lemon juice. Serve over ice for a refreshing tipple.

Mexican style

Mix 50ml of mezcal or tequila, one bottle of MEDA’s Chilli Pineapple cordial, a good splash of lime juice and top-up with soda. Serve in a short glass with ice and a rub of salt on the rim. 

Pimped-up G&T 

Mix 50ml of your favourite gin (we love Sipsmith) with your Elderflower and Basil MEDA cordial and a splash of lime juice. Pour in a long glass over ice and top up with MEDA’s Glow mixer for the perfect alternative to your after-work G&T.